Your Voice for a Fairer, Greener Future in Ossett and Denby Dale

Tired of the same old politics? It’s time for a change. Vote Neil Doig, your Green Party candidate, for a breath of fresh air in politics.

I’m not just another career politician. I’m a businessman, a dedicated geography teacher, and a published author with a passion for our planet and its people. For two decades, I’ve witnessed firsthand how our system favours the wealthy at the expense of the rest of us. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

✅ A New Direction for Yorkshire: Neil Doig is more than a candidate; he’s a voice for change. With a background in finance, education, and environmental advocacy, he brings a unique perspective to the table.

✅ Leading with Experience: As the founder of Money Tipps®, Neil has empowered thousands to take control of their finances, fighting back against the cost of living crisis. His book, “Millennial Money Mindset,” challenges the status quo and calls for a shift towards a more holistic measure of progress—one that values people and the planet over profit.

✅ A Teacher and a Leader: Neil’s commitment to education extends beyond the classroom. He’s not just teaching about the climate crisis; he’s inspiring action. By simplifying complex issues and empowering the next generation, he’s building a brighter future for us all.

✅ Tackling the Big Issues: Neil knows that we’re facing unprecedented challenges—from the climate crisis to the cost of living and the erosion of democracy. But he also knows that solutions are within reach. By championing policies like Universal Basic Income, a new measure of success, and proportional representation, he’s fighting for a fairer, greener, and more inclusive future for Yorkshire and beyond.

✅ Your Vote Matters: Together, we can build a future that works for everyone, not just the wealthy few. By voting for Neil Doig and the Green Party, you’re voting for real change—for a future where people and planet come first.

Join us in making history. Vote Neil Doig, your Green Party candidate for Ossett and Denby Dale, and let’s build a better future together. Your vote. Our future.